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Language as a weapon of war

I read an interesting adaptation of a speech by one Deroy Murdock. I liked some ideas — "Quote Islamo-fascist [his term] leaders to remind people of their true intentions" — better than others — "Specify the number of human beings whom terrorists destroy" — but one in particular struck me as particularly important:

Daniel Pipes of the Philadelphia-based Middle East Forum believes terror is a tactic, not an enemy. Calling today's conflict "a 'War on Terror' is like America in 1941, after Pearl Harbor, declaring a 'War on Surprise Attacks.' We really are engaged in a war on radical Islam."

I think calling it a war on radical Islam would lead to a much better focus on what needs to be done, especially if it's clearly named to be a defensive war against Islamic theo-fascism [my term]. That would make it very difficult, for example, for a cabinet member to call the National Education Association (a union of US teachers) a terrorist organization and be taken seriously (though I'm not sure anyone did anyway).

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