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Isn't it nice the way advertising enriches our lives [via Dave Farber's IP list]?

[I]t's standard now for programs to select ads for a given page (e.g., on Google pages) to match the content of that page, supposedly to attract the attention of people interested in the content. If at this hour (7:52 p.m. EDT) you were to read the story on the International Herald Tribune front page about Swedish reaction to loss of probably over 1000 Swedish tourists in the tsunami, the four ads on the page you get are these:

  • bargain tour to Thailand (ad in English)
  • bargain tour to Thailand (ad in French)
  • Swedish private-eye service (for missing persons?)
  • bargain tour to Thailand again (different ad, in English)

The 'bots don't know good taste yet, any more than Charlie the Tuna did.

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