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Sunshine Week — 13-19 March

Also from Steven Aftergood's Secrecy News:

Several major media organizations are working to promote a public
dialogue on the value of open government during what they call
"Sunshine Week" beginning next March 13.

The initiative seeks to encourage press and public attention to the
virtues of openness and to communicate "why open government is
important to everyone, not just to journalists." See:

With a few important exceptions, national political leadership in
defense of open government has been lacking. But in many parts of
the country there is a dawning recognition that something is very
wrong with current government information policies, and that
something vitally important to America is at risk.

"To a disturbing degree, we've abdicated our individual sovereignty
since the [9/11] terrorist attacks," the Valley Morning Star in
Harlingen, Texas editorialized last week.

"National security springs from capable intelligence and military
organizations, not from autocratic, secretive government that cows
ordinary citizens and muzzles the media on which those citizens
depend to keep them informed."

See "Liberty Can't Be Traded for Security," Valley Morning Star,
December 31:

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