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I generally find SPAM to be unamusing in the extreme. Nevertheless, there have been two or three things that have caught my attention recently. One is the admonition I get regularly these days:

Get a capable html e-mailer

The fact is that I do have an HTML-capable e-mail client; I've just got it configured to show me message bodies in plain-text, thus allowing me to see none of the advertising this spammer wants me read. Why on earth would he encourage me like this to stick with plain-text viewing? LOL!

Another is the first piece of SPAM I've ever saved. I did so because of the sender: the widow of the late Yassir Arafat.

Dear Friend,

I am Mrs Suha Arafat the wife of late palestinians leader organasation ( PLO ).
I must confess that my Agitation is real, and my words are my bond, in this

My late husband diverted this money meant for purchaseing Of ammunition, for
my country, during the civil war in My country, now he had deposited the money
with a security company in Europe as personal iterms but the security company
does not known the content of the consignment, it is on this note That I am
contacting you for help! , all I needed from you is to Furnish me with your
telephone and fax number for you to Assist me claim this money into where it is
in Europe, the said amount is USD75 milion dollars out of the $1.5billions he
kept in a security company.

sating you with 25% of the total money amount, Now all my hope is on you and I
really want To invest this money in your country til when my daughter will
mature because is still 9 years old now,. Honestly I want you to believe that
this Transaction is real and never a joke. My late husband Arafat gave me the
copies of the Certificate of deposit issued to him by the security company on
the Date of deposit, and he wanted to transfer this money With the assistance
of a foreigner as the beneficiary Of the fund, for you to be clarify because,
I do not Expose my self to anybody I see, I believe that you are able to keep
this funds secret for me Because this funds is the hope of my life, it is
Important. Please contact me immediately you must have Gone through my message
through my email address.

That is the reason why I offered you 25% of the total Money and 5% percent for
local and international Expenses, and in case of any other necessary expenses
You might incur during this claim of funds

N.B Try and negotiate for me some profitable blue Cheep Investment opportuni-
ties which is risky free which I Can invest with this money when it is claimed
to Your account, personally I am interested in estate Management and hotel

Email me immediately You receive this message for more explanation. And Promise
me and my children to be a Father considering our situation and not to betray

Best regards

MRS.Suha Arafat

And, finally, who is this guy John who keeps giving my e-mail address to everyone who claims to be calling to offer me too-good-to-be-true mortgage rates?

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