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Hunting via Internet?!

I don't like guns, although I did do some target-shooting when I was in the Boy Scouts. I've never understood the appeal of hunting. Especially since as a teenager, I casually threw a rock at a bunny rabbit near Ted Trevarrow's house and — much to my amazement — hit it. It fell over, dead.

But really, hunting live captive animals over the Internet? It seems particularly bizarre, yet as reported by the St. Paul Pioneer Press (login using ''), Wisconsin is apparently not by any means the first state to ban the practice (via Michael Geist's Internet Law News):

Hunting via the Internet would be banned in Wisconsin under a bill the state Senate approved Thursday.

The bill would prohibit hunters in Wisconsin from shooting at captive animals unless they have physical possession of their weapons....

The bill adds Wisconsin to a list of states that took action after a San Antonio entrepreneur created a Web site,, designed to let hunters shoot exotic game animals or wild pigs on his private ranch using guns controlled by remote control via the Internet....

"Hunting is about being outdoors and a part of nature," [Rep. Scott] Gunderson [the bill's author] said in a written statement. "Using a computer and a Web site flies in the face of all of those things that true hunters believe in."

Silly me! I thought hunting was all about killing defenseless animals!

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