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Bogota, NJ iced coffee ad shock horror scandal probe

The Mayor of Bogota, NJ, Steve Lonegan, is calling for a boycott of McDonald's because he finds a Spanish-language billboard ad of theirs "offensive" and "divisive".

"The true things that bind us together as neighbors and community is [sic] our belief in the American flag and our common language," Lonegan said. "And when McDonald's sends a different message, that we're going to be different now, that causes resentment."

For the record, I am agnostic on this question of the American flag; I think there's a high probability that it's a figment of everyone's imagination.

Meanwhile, over at Language Log, Geoff Pullum is at a loss for words, Bill Poser is not and is organizing an anti-boycott, and Mark Liberman finds some juicy irony/hypocrisy on the Borough's web site. Oh, and Geoff Pullum finally does find some appropriate words and calls for e-mail bombing of the Mayor (something which I am not advocating despite the smug satisfaction I feel at seeing the Mayor's opinions ridiculed). As an added bonus, the transcript of Lonegan's "appearance" on CNN radio's Glenn Beck talk show is here (search for "Bogota" to find the beginning of the relevant segment). You won't want to miss the follow-up call from Mayor McCheese.

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