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Can I borrow your electron microscope?

Our office manager recently sent the following message to all our employees:


Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2006 9:28 AM


Subject: Petri Dish

This image below showing bacterial growth is from one of the glasses that has been sitting in [our] kitchen sink since last week.

Electron micrograph of some bacteria

When you borrow a glass or mug from the cabinet, please wash and return it to the cabinet when you are finished with it.

Thank you.

It's a small company with some very smart people. One of our senior people—one with multiple degrees from reputable institutions—asked the office manager which glass the sample had been taken from, in case it had been his. Someone else asked a similar question. I learned this after I (jokingly) asked our office manager about the possibility of borrowing her electron microscope sometime; she was afraid I'd taken her seriously too.

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