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Pendleton Hall's Architect

I recently saw the film My Architect, a documentary directed by one of two illegitimate children fathered by the well-known architect Louis Kahn, who also fathered a child by his wife. In it the director tries to find and understand his father, who died bankrupt, alone and without identification in Penn Station in New York City in 1974. I enjoyed it, despite (or perhaps in part because of) the unsettling juxtaposition of the beauty and power of Kahn's work as an artist against the heart-breaking consequences of his choices in human relationships. A lot of energy in the film goes into explaining the latter, but no one seems willing to state what seems obvious to me: it's the result of Kahn's philandering, and there would have been a lot less pain in this story if he had remained faithful to his wife. Of course, the irony is that without his philandering, we wouldn't have had this movie.

Entrance to Pendleton Hall

As a side note, I noticed a striking resemblance to Louis Kahn's architectural style of one of the buildings I took two years of college classes in—Pendleton Hall at Bryn Athyn College (known as the Academy of the New Church College while I was there). At the least, whoever designed this building must have been significantly influenced by Kahn. I tried googling to find out who that architect was, but without success. Anyone know?

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