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A joke and a true story from our Obama Change brunch

Today a group of us formerly associated with the Obama campaigns's Baederwood (Jenkintown/Abington) office, held a brunch, the ostensible purpose of which was to take photos of us each holding a sign naming the issue on which we most stood with President-Elect Obama (mine was "Civil Liberties" but at my feet I also had my protest placard I've been using for years that says "Pray for Peace"). Mostly what we did though was share our hopes, aspirations and stories with each other.

Gail told a joke. It's shortly after the Inauguration. A man walks up to the White House and tells the guard he's there to see George Bush. The guard says, "He doesn't live here anymore" and the man leaves. Next day, same thing. "I'm here to see George Bush." "He doesn't live here anymore." The man leaves again. Third day, same thing yet again. "I'm here to see George Bush." "He doesn't live here anymore," but this time the guard adds, "This is the third day you've been here asking the same question and I've given you the same answer all three days. Why do you keep coming back and asking it?" And the man replies, "Because it sounds so wonderful!"

Another of the attendees had been at the Bush anti-Inaugural in 2000. They were protesting at the Supreme Court building, where five of the nine justices had essentially appointed Bush president despite the fact that he lost the election (at least this was this man's opinion). At one point he got so angry he started kicking at the steps leading up to the courthouse. A security guard rushed over and asked, "What are you doing?" When he heard the explanation, the security guard leaned over and whispered, "Would you please kick it for me too?"

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