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Official Election Results

Montgomery County, PA just posted official election results from November 4. Who am I to chide them for taking so long? I haven't updated my sidebar to the left in something like four years!

Bryn Athyn, where I live, has been a Republican stronghold since it was founded. I don't know when that was, but it was incorporated in 1916. In 2008, for the first time ever, I believe, a Democratic candidate received the highest number of votes:
Registration & turnout
Registration 969
Cartridge turnout 703
Absentee turnout 54
Total turnout 757

Presidential electors
Barack Obama (Dem) 373 (50.20%) (49.27%)
John McCain (Rep) 353 (47.51%) (46.63%)
Bob Barr (Lib) 14 (1.88%) (1.85%)
Ralph Nader (Ind) 3 (0.40%) (0.40%)
Total 743

Undervote 14 (1.85%)
Total turnout was 78.12%. I interpret the undervote as "None of the above." The first column of percentages is based on total votes for the office; those in the second column are based on total turnout.

For all other offices, Bryn Athyn went Republican, with candidates getting from 53.52% (Marina Kats, for Representative in Congress) to 64.06% (Thomas Murt, incumbent Representative in the General Assembly, who even I voted for).

We'll see if I've been sufficiently shamed by Montgomery County to update my sidebar soon.

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