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Why is NBC f*#@ing up Olympic coverage?

On Tuesday Henri Blodget, in his blog at The Business Insider, asked six sets of questions of NBC about their television coverage of the Olympics:

1. Why do you delay events that are much more exciting to watch live?

2. Is the evening audience much bigger than it would be if you showed the events live during the day? How much bigger? Wouldn't you be able to make up the difference by showing the event live on one of your other networks during the day and then showing highlights on NBC at night?

3. How much money would you lose (or do you think you would lose) if you showed the events live on a subsidiary network and then showed highlights again in your prime time broadcast?

4. Do you expect people to avoid the news all day until you show the events in primetime, or do you not care that everyone knows who won?

5. Is the decision to show events on tape-delay a relic of the days when the Big Three networks ruled the world?

6. Do you care that sports fans from coast to coast are furious at you? How do you factor this into your long-term brand-value calculations?

Personally, I'm not a big follower of the Olympics, but I think this is a good set of questions and I'd love to see NBC's answers.

BTW, Mr Blodget is also CEO and Editor-in-Chief of The Business Insider.

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