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Blogger, Firefox 1.0 & Win98: a less-than-robust combination?

My post of a few minutes ago was the first I've made in ten days. Not for want of trying.

Not that I've attempted a huge number of posts either. But the half-dozen or so attempts I have made have all ended in failure1. I'm still not sure what happened.

Two days ago I upgraded to Firefox 1.0. Being an avid single-window fan, I was disappointed that the Single Window extension has not only not been upgraded to work with this latest version of Firefox, but has apparently been dropped from the list of available extensions. Then, almost by accident, I discovered that Tabbrowser Extensions, though advertised as only working with versions up to 0.10, actually does work with 1.0. That solved my biggest frustrations with Firefox. Now I am left only with Firefox hanging on my laptop when I visit my personal home page at the MyWay portal. It's got to be some kind of anomaly since I have no trouble loading that page from the same Firefox 1.0 on my desktop [Win2K] system. As for my difficulty for posting to this blog, it doesn't seem very likely that software I installed just two days ago could have been giving me trouble for the last 10 days.

Then there's Win98 and its own set of frustrations that I've already posted about. But I started using the laptop running this OS for blogging over a month ago. While never fun to use, I must reluctantly conclude that Win98 is not solely to blame.

What about Blogger? Hmmm. For a long period of time prior to these ten days, I've had an awful lot of trouble posting. I would write a entry and then try, over and over and over, to post it. 90% of the time, it would fail. Only persistence enabled me to get these entries posted. I contacted Blogger support and they only said there was nothing wrong that they knew about or could see. Truthfully though, I have less insight to what's going with Blogger than I do with either Firefox or Win98.

Consequently, I've decided to write my entries offline (using my ultra-favorite text editor UltraEdit) and then copying them online. I started with the post prior to this one. This method should at least prevent me completely losing whole long posts, even if I still have difficulty getting them posted online.

1Of course, they were probably the best and most interesting entries I've written thus far! ;^)

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